Raw Logo Design in Illustrator CS4

This is a quick tutorial that shows me designing a logo for one of my clients.  The good thing about this tutorial was I didn’t pre-design the logo before hand, and I didn’t even read the details of the clients request before I started recording the tutorial.

I’m a little monotone in the tutorial because I had just finished drinking a Wine-O-Rita (good shit), but other than that everything goes well. ;)

12 thoughts on “Raw Logo Design in Illustrator CS4

  1. Arvind

    Thnx Gary… for this tutorial…
    Now I can make beautiful design in photoshop by using your tutorials.I will show you later my design.

  2. JoeG

    At first I was a little iffy on the design, but the final result came out great. I’m sure the client will be pleased with this.

  3. Brandon

    Nice tutorial, i really have to put more time into learning illustrator. Photoshop alone won’t get me very far i’m discovering.

    And i see you have MSN, hahaha. What’s your email? :P

  4. Sam

    Your tutorials are the best. I love the candid narrative-not to mention your awesome design ability. Thanks for showing me some new tricks!

  5. Leejin

    Haha, great Video.
    One of the more entertaining and useful ones out there.

    An amazing inside look at what goes on in the industry.
    Thanks for the insight.

  6. Mike

    Hey i gotta Q….? I did a logo while watching your video and now I have the logo how do I save just the logo..? when I save it it saves the whole big white square I mad it in you know the 700×500 how do I shrink this back down to the size of the actual logo.

    please email if you can thanks


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