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Learn how to design in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Suitable for beginners and intermediate.

  • Full website design videos

    3 full website design projects are covered from start to finish in adobe photoshop. Also learn the html & css process!

  • Full logo design videos

    5 logo designs in Adobe Photoshop and 3 logo designs in Adobe Illustrator, all covered from start to fininsh in video format.

  • Learn design from a professional

    If youíre going to learn how to design, itís best to learn from a professional. Gary Simon has over 9 years experience in website and logo design. View his design portfolio!

  • Instant access to web-based videos

    Order now and receive instant access to high quality web-based videos. Each video is provided in crisp 1024,768 quality. Stream with flash or download directly to your computer!

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This is what you will learn how to design

This particular website design is a very sleek web2.0 design that features a product showcase in a user-friendly layout. This design is covered entirely in Adobe Photoshop.

View the Design

Learn how to design this layout which is for a web hosting company. Learn how to illustrate with the pen tool and use gradients in an eye-catching manner.

View the Design

If you want to learn how to make a website, this is the tutorial for you. You learn how to make this design a functioning layout in HTML and CSS.

View the Design

Learn how to design a sleek and colorful logo design in Illustrator CS4. *New Tutorial!*

Learn how to formulate unique logo concepts with this logo design in Illustrator CS4. Learn how to adjust gradients and perfect design with Illustrator grids.

Watch as Gary Simon designs this logo in Illustrator CS4 from scratch with the pen tool.

This logo is a very web2.0 oriented logo with soft colors and rounded corners. Learn just how easy it is to design a logo like this!

The LookLasik logo brings professionalism and style together to create a well-versed brand. Use the pen tool in conjunction with layer blend modes and the eraser tool.

Simplicity is important in the world of branding, and that's exactly what MyHuntingSupply is. Use the pen tool to create an appealing illustration of a leaf, and then duplicate!

Create a unique logo with an inter-twined computer cord flowing throughout the design.

Ultra serious is The Georgia Statesman. Learn how to vector trace to create the head of the statue of liberty in this logo.

Over 8 hours of step by step, full video tutorial instruction.

Here's how you will benefit

  • Know exactly how to make a website

    Not only will you know how to design and build a functioning website, but you will know how to design and build a GREAT looking website. Gary Simon (the instructor and founder of has been designing for over 9 years. You get to learn the design process of a seasoned professional whose familiar with the latest in professional design trends.

  • Learn how to design awesome logos.

    Be able to design great looking logos in a variety of styles. From web 2.0 to professional corporate. Also learn logo design in both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator!

  • The potential to earn big as a designer

    Since youíre able to see how a real professional designer designs and builds websites and logos, you will have the knowledge that it takes to be a competitive designer. No steps are left out of the design process of the 8 website and logo design projects listed above.

    Gary Simon earns $50,000 a year working less than part time as a freelance designer.

    Whether youíre already a designer or an aspiring designer, will help get you where you want to be.

  • Save yourself time and money.

    Youíll be able to save yourself a ton of money by not having to pay designers to design your projects for you. The average full website costs anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000+!

    You also save yourself time by not having to wait for designers to design your project. Designers always have simultaneous projects, and this means delays for you.

    By taking control and designing your own website, you save yourself time and money.

Success Stories


ďI needed to design a logo for a college class project and needless to say, I didn't want to use MS PAINT, haha. But like several of my friends, I was a complete newbie to photoshop. I searched on google for design tutorials and came across howtodesignyourcom site.. I whipped out my parent's CC and made the purchase. I followed along on a few of the tutorials, got that "epiphany" like realization of how all this stuff works, and now I seriously love this design stuff. If this is shown on the testimonials page, anyone reading this who is considering the purchase, do it, you won't regret it. Thanks.Ē


ďIf you are looking to become a real designer, or to just design a website or logo, I highly recommend these videos... you can take my word, I went to college to learn web design and honestly there wasn't one class or professor who was able to just show you exactly how it's done. I watched all the tutorials and my confidence has risen 100%. Thanks a lot guys and keep up the good work.Ē


ďI first searched google to find design tutorials and none of them came close the comprehensive quality videos that have delivered. I guess that's why they cost $ though! Worth it!Ē


I always paid designers to build my sites but a friend recommended these videos - I am now a lot more confident and I'm very eager to begin my first official design. Make the purchase, you won't regret it.


These videos are exactly what I was looking for! Gary shows you exactly how its done and he doesn't miss a beat. Very easy to understand and an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to know how to make a website or logo.


"Thanks much Gary. This is one of the best tutorials I have seen in the net. Very useful for the people who want to design a professional looking website. -Thanks"

Don't hesitate! You won't find better tutorials!

We invite you to visit or any other search engine, and search for any decent free tutorials on web design or logo design. You wonít find any that will really help you learn how to make a website or logo, and you certainly wonít find hardly any video tutorials. Instead, you will have to resort to reading through paragraphs of text written by mostly inexperienced designers. Donít cut yourself short by resorting to free tutorials.

Who is Gary Simon and why should I learn from him?

I have designed professionally for over 9 years and run successful design businesses that focus on both website design and logo design. Take a look at to see my personal portfolio of web design and logo design. In 2009, I have designed over 400 logos and 20 professional websites. Iím self employed and make nearly $100,000 a year on a less-than-part time schedule.

Because Iíve been in the business for so long, I know exactly what it takes to design effective websites and logos, and thatís exactly what I cover in these tutorials! You will even be able to make money online by becoming a great designer.

Not satisfied? You get your money back.

I (Gary Simon) truly believe in and truly believe it will help each and every person who takes the time to watch and follow them. This is why Iím offering a money back guarantee if youíre unsatisfied with our videos!

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